What is a Project Pitch

Classical:NEXT Project Pitches are targeted, fast-moving presentation opportunities for creators to those on the lookout for new creations, a “seek and find” for collaboration and inspiration. This format allows representatives from ensembles and orchestras, music theatre productions and other music projects to give rapid insight into their current artistic offerings using video as the main medium. An independent jury of experts will make the final selections for the programme.

Each pitch will last a total of nine minutes: seven minutes for the presentation itself, followed by two minutes for questions from the audience.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at showcase@classicalnext.com for further information.

The submission deadline for Project Pitch proposals is Friday, 29 September 2017.

Project Pitches are not Product Presentations

If you have a product or service you would like to present, the right format for you is an “off C:N Presentation”. Should you be interested, please contact the Classical:NEXT Conference team at conference@classicalnext.com.

How to Apply – Tips

  • We need to hear/see what you do! Complete presentations are ideal in the proposal process, but if you do not yet have sufficient material, make sure the material you do submit gives a clear indication of what will be presented at Classical:NEXT in May 2018
  • Remember that the jury look specifically for a NEXT approach – is your project and the presentation you are proposing innovative, fresh or unusual?
  • Put yourself in the jury’s shoes – they review hundreds of proposals, make their job easy! Get their attention immediately and show them fast how you fulfil the criteria.
  • Excellent presentation material is a huge plus:
    • High-quality, attractive video and photo materials are a must.
    • Keep written material short, effective and convincing. Give quotes first, but keep name-dropping to a minimum – tell us your unique story!