Classical:NEXT 2018 will feature not only evening showcases, but also continue the highly successful club format. After the sun goes down on Thursday, 17 May and Friday, 18 May, musical adventures start up in the intimate, casual surroundings at one of Rotterdam's leading clubs..

Who can make a Proposal

International soloists, small ensembles and DJs are sought, experts of excellence in crafting club-compatible soundscapes of the classically-inclined.

The final selections for the programme will be made by Harriet Moss (Manners McDade) and Etienne Abelin (Neue Meister/Edel; Apples & Olives Festival).

Should you have any questions, please contact us at for further information.

The submission deadline for Club Showcase proposals is Friday, 29 September 2017.

Why Should I Make a Club Showcase Proposal?

In 2017, 1,200 delegates attended Classical:NEXT, among them 230 festival and concert promoters, more than 60 orchestra representatives and 80 international journalists, as well as numerous labels, publishers and more. A showcase is the ideal vehicle with which to grab their attention, not only via the showcase concert itself, but also through Classical:NEXT publicity and communication channels such as our guide book, website, press releases and newsletters.

How to Apply – Tips

  • Bear in mind that clubs tend to be noisier than concert halls. When putting together your programme, make it attention-grabbing and mesmerizing for this casual crowd. Lively, rhythmic and higher volume programmes tend to work best in this setting. Very quiet or slow, meditative programmes are to be avoided.
  • We need to hear and see exactly what you plan to do! Please make sure your submitted material matches the exact programme that you wish to perform, should your showcase be chosen. This should be in both text and mp3 form.
  • Put yourself in the jury’s shoes – they review hundreds of proposals so make their job easy! Get their attention immediately and show them how you fulfil the criteria.
  • Excellent presentation material is a huge plus:
    • A well-made, very short introduction video is the ideal method. Invest in this, it is worth it!
    • Outstanding, high-quality photographs – tell your unique story with professional photos!
    • Keep written material short, effective and convincing. Give quotes first, but keep name-dropping to a minimum – again, tell us your unique story!

  • For more application tips, visit: see here.