Terms & conditions

Invited artists will get free access to all parts of Classical:NEXT plus one free registration for our partner of agreement (artist representative).

The stage, the necessary equipment to perform and our special PR treatment on equal basis with all other Classical:NEXT showcase artists, including newsletters, online promo as well as listing in our app and the Classical:NEXT Guide book, will be provided to all artists.

Please note that Classical:NEXT is unable to cover any fees, travel expenses or other costs. If you want to propose a showcase, please consider the financing of your showcase carefully and what support or funding you have. Possible sources for funding in your case might be:

  • National Music Export Offices
  • Foundations of Collecting Societies
  • National Cultural Institutes

  • I am aware that I am responsible for all travel and accommodation costs and that there will be no fee paid for performing at Classical:NEXT. By checking this box, I confirm that I can organise all financing for the performance.

    Application requirements

    We need:

    • the following completed application form including;
      • weblinks including links to online live private/public video footage (does not have to be broadcasting quality)
      • Instrumentation: name and instrument of the people who would perform in case selected
      • an exact listing of the proposed program inlcuding work/composer/length
      • a biography (maximum 500 words)
      • a list of upcoming shows plus any special past performances
      • a link to a video of your work. Short, well-made “intro/demo” trailers are best. Badly filmed live videos are to be avoided.

    • up to 3 audio examples in mp3 format of the artist performing the proposed programme;
    • a full technical rider;
    • a clear stage plan;
    • 2 high resolution photos (300 dpi is ideal) with credit/copyright info;
    • 3 selected press reviews (if available);

    Once you have completed the application form, we will send you a link and you can come back and upload the required material.

    Artist/band information

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    And more...

    The repertoire you propose for Classical:NEXT 2018 : works / composers / length of work for each

    Enter the structure/company/institution that would support your showcase or provide a short explanation of alternative funding support

    List any upcoming shows for 2017/2018 plus any special past performances

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    Thank you for submitting a Club Showcase proposal for Classical:NEXT 2018!

    You will now receive an email confirming that your application form was submitted, including a link so you can come back at any time to pay the fee, edit your application and upload the required material. If you would like to send physical material, please do not forget to send it to arrive before the application deadline.

    The deadline to upload all required material is Friday, 29 September 2017.

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